Italian philosophy of life in contrasts (p. 4): Lido di Ostia – Rome’s peace of mind

Introduction to Rome can begin in different ways. Some try to explore all the iconic and most famous landmarks from the very first day, while others seek to escape the hustle of the city, avoiding the tourist traps and discovering a less popular corner of Rome. A place where diversity, atmosphere, and contrasts come to life, where Rome sheds the mask of eternal movement and restlessness, revealing a place of emotional tranquility.

«Se il rumore del mare sovrasta quello dei pensieri, sei nel posto giusto»

(“If the noise of the sea overcomes that of thoughts, you are in the right place”)


Lido di Ostia – a suburb of Rome and the main resort on the coast bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea.

A cozy seaside town; a wide, snow-white promenade; the sound of the sea; numerous restaurants with local cuisine and the sweet-bitter taste of an Aperol Spritz – a sanctuary for the Eternal City from chaos and anxiety. Here, Rome reveals its expanse, its ability to enchant anyone and calm racing thoughts.

Imagine yourself sitting in a cozy cafe overlooking the azure coast. In your hands, a glass of refreshing Aperol, your gaze fixed on the gently swaying waves glistening under the rays of the Roman sun. You close your eyes and immerse yourself in your thoughts, which moments later dissipate… The heart beats slower, breathing levels out. The slightly salty, sea breeze mixes with the aroma of orange from your glass; the noise of the waves drowns out any worries, and finally, a sense of inner peace emerges, a desire to live in every moment. This is harmony

After the sea therapy, you are going to visit the traditional church of Virgin Mary “Chiesa di Santa Maria Regina Pacis” from the early 20th century. Compared to more famous Roman temples, it may seem modest, but that’s its charm. Its beauty lies in the aesthetics of simplicity and authenticity. The church was built as a symbol of peace and the Virgin Mary’s intercession to end the First World War.

Not far away is the monument to Pier Paolo Pasolini, an Italian director and writer whose life was tragically cut short in this area.


A stroll along the promenade takes you to the pine forest by the sea: “Pineta di Castel Fusano.” These are the Roman “jungles,” a small oasis with birdsong, a connection with nature, and oneself.

So how to get there:

  • NO NEED to buy a separate ticket; a standard metro ticket for 1.5 euros is valid;
  • Take Metro Line B (blue line) towards Laurentina;
  • Reach Piramide metro station and, following the signs for “Lido di Ostia,” transfer to Porta San Paolo station;
  • Change to the train towards Cristoforo Colombo and travel for 25-30 minutes;
  • Get off at Lido Centro, Stella Polare, or Castel Fusano stops, each located along the coast.


Lido di Ostia is an undiscovered, quieter corner of Rome, hiding in the shadow of central landmarks. Sea, forest, nature, tranquility – the emotional harmony of the Eternal City. A contrast that makes it stronger.

Let’s go “from tourism to lifestyle.”

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