Italian philosophy of life in contrasts (p. 11): Fontana di Trevi – wish fulfiller (2)

What legends does the fountain hold?

🌟 The name of the fountain has two versions of origin:

The first is that the Trevi Square is the convergence of three major streets in Rome. “Trevi” is nothing more than a distortion of the Latin “trivium,” meaning “crossroads” or the combination of the words “Tre vie” (three streets).

The second legend states that it was a girl named Trivia who revealed the location of the ancient aqueduct with drinking water.

🌟 How to make a wish correctly for it to come true?

Make sure to stand with your back to the fountain and throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder. This is crucial for the ritual‼️ The number of coins depends on the significance of your wish:

  • One – you will return to Rome
  • Two – you will meet love
  • Three – you will get married
  • Four – you will become very rich
  • Five – separation awaits you (however, if you have long wanted to part with someone, then the probability here is 100%!).

🌟 Ritual for lovers

To the side of the Trevi Fountain, on the right, there is a small and inconspicuous rectangular basin. It is filled by two streams of water flowing from small taps. According to legend, Roman girls used to give their suitors water from this fountain on the night before a long journey or on their wedding day. After the ritual, the glasses were smashed. It was believed that this water strengthens love, and lovers would never part.

These legends give the Trevi Fountain a special mystical and romantic atmosphere, making it not only an architectural masterpiece but also a symbol of many traditions and beliefs.

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