The Airbnb Revolution

As a traveller I can define myself halfway between a bagpacker and a comfort lover. I have been working in tourism for years. Such as an insider if there is one thing I really do not like it’s ” where everybody goes, or the aseptic environment found in a room of large chain hotels, or the most popular restaurant on Tripadvisor. .

All my trips have been entirely tailor-made: from accomodation to where to eat or what to do, when I’m travelling my key word is authentic! I am also lucky to have many friends living abroad. This has allowed me to visit lots of cities from a local perspective.

I have discovered Airbnb in 2012 while I was planning my trip to Greece.  I have a vivid memory of my awakenings a stone’s throw from the sea, the apartment was delightful and all for me and my friends!

Since then when I traveled both in Italy and abroad , I have booked only Airbnb accomodations!

To date the American company has grown exponentially all over the world. It has promoted a real revolution in tourism dynamics with right marketing techniques. The concept of living a house contains the Experience Theme.  Hence the launch of many engaging activities on the Airbnb platform for any type of traveler creating knowledge and meetings.


Rome, where I live, offers indeed plenty of activities divided into categories  Art and Culture, Leisure, Food&Drink and Nature.

You can visit with Gruppo Archeologico Romano   inaccesible sites and at the same time support the fundraising for historical buildings’ restoration or you can enjoy, during the special night openings at the Vatican Museum,  an open-air concert.

We are in Italy,  Food category is huge. You will definitely be spoiled for choice of pasta classes and wine tastings!

Well done Airbnb!It has really allowed everyone, no matter the budget,  to make their travel experiences unique as a true local and to feel part of a community.

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