Coronavirus lockdowns have unexpected Climate benifits

COVID-19 : The Financial distaster World Climate is benifiting from

Coronavirus : climate change is having its own benifits .People must stay at home everywhere in the world, factories closed, airport
paralyzed. While Coronavirus is provoking a very bad economic crisis is also creating some surprising climate benefits.
Indeed, the measures the governments took forced the economy to slow down and resulted in a deep decrease of greenhouse gas emissions.

For example, In China, during the month of February 2020, the emissions were down 25%while the worldwide air traffic decreased by 4,3%.
We also saw on Satellite images the before/after captures on China and North Italy.
The fine particles, which are responsible every year for 9 million early deceases around the world according to the World Health Organization are also decreasing.
Some may argue  “the reduction of pollution in China probably saved more
people than the Coronavirus had killed.”

The lack of marine traffic in Cagliari, Sardinia encouraged dolphins to swim and reach the port, delighting a few visitors. In Venice, the water has never been so clear for years.

What can we expect in the future?

Our mother Earth is finally breathing.
The main question now is: When we will find a way to get out of this situation will it be a wakeup call for us humans?
It’ll all depend on how the economy gets up, which investments will be done and most of all , if we will be able to avoid going back to fossil resources.
In comparison, after the well-known economic crisis in 2008, the polluting activity was huge to recover an “healthy” economy.

School-strike protests to raise awareness of Climate Change in London, UK

As a matter of fact, nobody cared anymore about the
Kyoto Protocol, requesting countries to decrease their greenhouse emissions.
Let’s hope we will not make the same mistake.
As far as EcoArt is concerned, we really hope that the virus is going to globally change our way of thinking.

Possibly making them more aware of what we need to do to live better on Earth and appreciate what we have.
All in all, we are sure of one thing: there is going to be a before and an after Coronavirus.

What do you think?

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