Everybody’s on sharing… Mobility!

Since I moved to Rome my habits in terms of mobility have changed a lot. I come from Salerno, certainly  not a big city, and I used to run around from the age of 14 on my beloved motorbike, then I got my first car!

As a result I had no need to use public transportation or neither walking for long distances!


I have been living in the chaotic Rome for 5 years without my own car, so I gave up the youthful laziness making a virtue of need! I discovered the faboulous world of sharing mobility!

The sharing services in the Eternal city have seen a remarkable boom.  It  isn’t limited to cars but also scooters and bikes. By sharing you don’t have to worry about paying for parking, insurance, or for gas–it’s all included!


Cars, scooters and bikes use apps. Each service has a different pricing range, its own app, and different vehicles to choose from.

Here the most common options in Rome:


The fleet consists of more than 400 petrol- powered fancy red FIAT 500 vehicles. Have to say this is my favourite, you can find the cars almost everywhere, driving in the city center and the app is very easy to use.

Furthermore you can reach the airports ( Fiumicino and Ciampino) and stations ( Termini) where there are dedicated parking areas.


Car2go is the largest car sharing company in the world, it operates either in Europe and in North America.

The vehicles are   Smartfortwo e Smartforfour very handy and easy to park!  There are business conventions, prize credits and packages that allow to go to the airports.


Share’ngo is the only example of  electric cars and it’s a Made in Italy project!

You can drive a little yellow car, it’s a dream for parking in the city center! Moreover it offers discounts for birthday and reduced rates for women night rentals!


Ecooltra is the service I’ve been using mostly since this summer. The little scooters are electric and you can find them at every corner. The app is super easy, there are also many discount packages.


Zig Zag has been the first service in Rome and it was also my trial! The vehicles are three- wheeled motorcycles: Yamaha Tricity 125. They are ideal for making slightly longer distances or taking the highway!


Who doen’t know Uber?! Jump is the electric bike sharing by Uber, it’s used directly from the Uber app.

You can find the bikes very easily in the city center, they are sturdy and designed to  even go up a hill ( particularly suitable in a city like Rome) and you can park them everywhere!

Not to mention all this helps to be more sustainable and  contributes to ensuring a better quality of the environment! In conclusion the choice is yours…


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