What are you doing for New Years’ Eve?

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? This is the question you may have been asked most since Christmas. Have to say it is pretty stressful indeed! I have always decided at last second how to spend my last night of the year!

New Year’s Eve in Rome is an event to try once in a lifetime. The Eternal City is a magical scenario to celebrate this special night. That’s why every year thousands of tourists choose to come here.

Rome will propose dozens and dozens of initiatives that will satisfy all needs, tastes and various expectations.

If you are a party animal

Disco parties will play the lion’s share: the Eur entertainment hub,  many clubs in the historic center and the locations of northern Rome are your possible options!

If you love electronic music, like I do, these are some of my favourites clubs:  Spazio Novecento , The Sanctuary Eco Retreat, Coropuna .

For ladies: forget your heels and bring a pair of sneakers!

If you are a fine dinner lover

and you want to spend the last night of the year savoring excellent menus and wines, having the traditional Italian Cenone,  the choice is huge and heterogeneous.

From typical taverns in the center to luxurious hotels,  from historic houses to plenty of restaurants, in every district of the Capital  they will propose New Years’ Eve menu!

Get your fill of booze and eat auspiciuos lentils after midnight!

Here is one of my favourite site which displays the best of proposals for every budget!


If you want to enjoy the city

the Municipality of Rome is preparing for the famous ” La Festa di Roma” http://www.lafestadiroma.it/en/.

This year the topic will be the Beauty of Planet Earth with 24 hours of celebrations, 100 performances and almost 1000 artists.

Circus Maximus will host the main stage for concerts, as well as Imperial Forums, Capitol and Colosseum  with acrobats, dancers and fireworks inspired by the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing!

Last but not least

Have fun on this magical night, wear red underwear for good luck and toast with your loved ones at midnight!



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