Italian philosophy of life in contrasts (p. 6): Tulip Park

The contrasts of Rome manifest in many of its cultural peculiarities, landmarks, traditions, as well as in its “external appearance.” Every spring, Rome transforms, shedding the last cold days and literally blossoming.

“In che modo riconosci la bellezza?
Ascolto i fiori quando parlano al cielo”

“How do you recognize beauty? I listen to the flowers when they speak to the sky.”

In mid-March, an extraordinarily beautiful garden, TuliPark, opens in Rome, spanning over 20,000 square meters with more than 1 million planted tulips of 75 different varieties.

TuliPark is open annually for 4 weeks from mid-March to the end of April, coinciding with the tulip bloom. The opening of the park and the duration of the event depend on the weather and changing climatic conditions. Besides Rome, similar parks have opened in Bari, Bologna, and Spoleto.

The uniqueness of the garden lies in the opportunity not only to capture colorful fields as memories but also to create your own bouquet! The park features a relaxation area with space for enjoying Dutch dishes, photo booths with beautiful bouquets, and a play area for children.

In 2024, the organizers decided to offer visitors a unique experience in the field of sustainable development and natural heritage. In the new year, visitors can take a guided tour with a professional guide. A walk through the park becomes educational with stories about the history of the tulip, its unique characteristics that made it a symbol of the Netherlands, and the importance of caring for the environment in these challenging times of climate change.

How to get there:

  • From Termini station: LINEA A towards Anagnina to San Giovanni station.
  • Transfer to LINEA C to Teano station.
  • From Teano station, take bus № 412 to the Gordiani/Durante stop.

The mightiness of Rome is just a part of the essence of this mysterious city. The resilience and grand features of architecture blend with the delicate beauty of nature. Harmony with oneself, in Italian style, begins with the ability to feel, appreciate, and contemplate the beauty, seemingly found in simple things and phenomena.


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