Tip of the Week: The Italian Elections are coming!


Did you know that on the 4th of March, Italy will be helding general elections?

Italians are asked to vote after 5 years of several technical governments, in a climate of absolute uncertainty not only from the political point of view, considering the new undefinable electoral law, but also from the point of the massive popular discontent.

Indeed, Italy has one of the highest European abstention rates, almost 60%,  and the forecasts for the next elections seem to exceed this data.

Leaving aside political demagoguery, it is noted that electoral promises are not eco-sustainable and no one political force has mentioned the crucial problems of Italy such as unemployment (especially youth unemployment), the absence of foreign investments in Italy and exaggerated taxation for small and medium-sized businesses.

The crucial problem is that Italy does not have a predominant political force and a solid and credible opposition. The main political forces  do not have a clear vision of what should be the role of Italy internationally and how they wants to handle the most important geopolitical issues such as immigration, sustainable development and globalization. In adition, it must be underlined the fact there are no opportunities for skilled and motivated young Italians who are forced to migrate abroad in order to find a worthy job and to undertake a proper carreer.

Understanding Italian politics and elections is kind of complicated and thousands pages can be written about it.

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