Typical Roman Habits

Typical Roman Habits you should be aware of

Romans are crazy. Romans are always angry. Romans are way too lazy.
But we also have some shortcomings!

Between all the girls in this blog, I am the only true Roman (as Elena is from the North and Kimberly and Jesse are from NYC), so no one knows better than me how much we can be annoying.
We won’t change – so you’d better give up this idea -, but I can help you in another way. When dealing with us, always remember these typical Roman habits (and be prepared!).


I hereby admit that our voice is usually a bit louder than normal.
The problem is that we don’t even know that! We just talk – a lot, by the way – and we love it.
If you are not used to it and you want to have a chat with us, you better raise your volume too!
Note: never say to a Roman that his/her voice is too high, never!


We like to argue, for any reason, it’s such a typical Roman habit. But there is one thing we like more than arguing and it is being right.
Winning an argument against us? No way, you have no chance.
Whatever we have done, we are right anyway. That’s it.


Getting in the car with us is a real adventure: you will never know what is going to happen – and I am not admitting to be a bad driver!
While driving, Romans can do everything: they chat, they eat, they smoke and some girls can even check their make up!
If you are planning to drive in Rome, good luck!

Typical Roman Habits
Driving in Rome is a thrilling experience, they say…


We are very bad at giving indications: most of the persons I met this year at the office admitted the got lost because of us (sorry!!! 🙁 ).
Despite this, we never refuse to help someone: we try all our best, we even mime you the itinerary with our hands!
Our goodwill should matter, I suppose.


Queuing all in one single line? Please! It wouldn’t be fun at all!
If you are waiting at the supermarket or at the ticket office or anywhere in Rome, you always need to pay attention both left and right.
We have this little strange habit of cutting the line, even if most of the time is because we double-parked the car and we need to hurry. 😉

Typical Roman Habits
Just a typical Roman queue outside the Colosseum.

After you have learnt these typical Roman habits, you just need to learn few Italian words and you will be ready for your trip to Rome!

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