Ponza Island view from Palmarola

Day Trip to Capri vs. Day Trip to Ponza Island

Are you considering booking a Day Trip to Capri from Rome? Before now, if you wanted to visit a Mediterranean Island without the cost of staying overnight – Capri was your only choice. Today, we’d like to show you why why Ponza Island is an even better option. This little known island offers all of the same kind of experiences as a typical Day Trip to Capri from Rome – and more!

Ponza Island Grotto
These ancient Roman grottoes on Ponza Island were once used as private swimming areas for the upper class, a sacred temple, and even an eel farm.

The Blue Grotto vs. Ponza & Palmarola Island‘s Grotto(es!)

One of Capri Island’s most famous attractions is the magnificent Blue Grotto. Unfortunately, “famous” in Italy means crowded … and expensive. For most Capri Day Trips from Rome you need to tack on a 28,00+ euro entrance fee. All to get inside the Blue Grotto for just a few minutes along with tons of other people. [Source: Trip Advisor]

What many don’t realise is that, while the Blue Grotto is just as beautiful as they say it is… isn’t not the only one in Italy! Due to Italy’s unique geology, make it a treasure trove of “blue” grottoes. Most of these are free and virtually unknown. The Pontine Islands (Ponza and Palmarola) are full of them! Particularly worthy of mention are the grottoes of Ancient Roman baths near the port and the ‘Midday’ grotto of Palmarola  [Source: This adorable blog post about a family’s exploration of Ponza’s grottoes – complete with photos]

Ponza Swimming
Cool off in Ponza’s sparkling seas.

Sightseeing in Capri Island vs. Swimming & Snorkeling in Ponza

First of all, Rome has enough sightseeing to keep you busy for years. Why make the long trip down to Capri just to spend most of your time stuck on the island? The true beauty if Italy’s Mediterranean islands is in the surrounding waters. There are gorgeous coves and turquoise seas which are often only accessible by boat. Don’t limit your boating experience to just the Blue Grotto. Our Ponza Day Trips from Rome all include a full-day boat tour with swim stops. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy lunch on board – cooked by the captain himself. Before we leave you’ll have plenty of time to explore the colourful port town.

Long bus ride to Capri
Less time spent getting there = more time in destination.

6+ hours on a bus vs. 2 hours on a bus.

Finally, the true test of any day trip from Rome is how much time you will spend on a tour bus. You’ll also want to understand how much time you’ll actually spend enjoying your day. Capri Island Day Trips from Rome require a 3 hour transfer time to the port of departure. Our boat to Ponza departs from just 1 hour away – far less. Therefore you will spend less time waiting to arrive and more time in Ponza. Our Ponza trip offers 7 full amazing hours in Ponza. That is more than enough to enjoy all the island has to offer.

The verdict? Ponza for the win!

In conclusion, Before booking a Day Trip to Capri Island from Rome, have a look at our Ponza Island Day Trip from Rome. In the choice between Ponza vs Capri, for us, Ponza wins hands down!

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