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EcoArt Travel  is an italian licensed tour operator, that since 2010 offers tours of the Vatican City, Rome and its surroundings. We take pride of our amazing team of work, a fantastic mixture between born and bread romans and international travellers. EcoArt is sensitive to environmental issues, through our tours we make an effort to make of Rome a better place. We now want to spice things up.

In the last 10 years, we hosted tens of thousands of people coming from all over the world. Our team values personal connection and we always aim to provide a personable service.

In 2017, with plenty of experience in the sector, we started our blog. After years of work, we had so many stories to tell. We thought we could give something valuable back and share ourselves with the virtual community.



We are active on several social media platforms, always with the intention to share our experience as residents of Rome and tour operator.

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Youtube is for us a huge platform to share the best videos from our tours and related content. If you visit our channel, you’ll find a playlist full of footage from Rome and surroundings.

A few tweets are shared on our  Twitter as well! We tried to cover all media platforms in order to reach everyone and spread the word!

Our Tripadvisor page gave us so much satisfaction over these last 10 years. Almost 4k reviews, 95% of which are 5 stars. If you know EcoArt or you’ve been on one of our tours, we ask you to continue support us there in these difficult times.Thanks!

On our Instagram, we post our best looking pictures. Sent by our tour guides and our guests 🙂 Here’s some of the best :


Today, to spice things up further, we decided to start a new chapter.

A brand new column with a lot of new ideas and a specific purpose.



We are thrilled to introduce our new column : ‘People of Rome’!

Rome is not just about the beautiful buildings or the ancient ruins. Rome is also about its people, the romani. The people of Rome are one of the most eccentric, chaotic and interesting folks you could meet anywhere in the world.

The timeless culture of their city affects their way of life deeply. It is impossible to spend some time in Rome and not to get absorbed by its old-fashioned charm. Rome has 3000 years long history and you can feel it, not just in the old cobblestone streets or in the Forum Romanum. You can feel it in the people.

Some of their habits took forever to develop and are still hard to get rid of. In Rome life isn’t passed by because people are too busy living it. Meals last forever and, they meant to be enjoyed and celebrated like a gift from god.

Their italian temper and passion is evident in every aspect of life. If you come to Italy, you’ll see people arguing on the streets about calcio or politics.

In this new column we’re going to explore the amazing lives of the ‘People of Rome’ . People that made of Rome a better place to live in, that defined the concept of romanità through their way of life and artistic contribution. Along with the most famous historical figures, there will be room for the average roman to express him or herself . The stories of ‘People of Rome’ will remind us of days spent in a Rome that will never come back. Besides nostalgia, we’ll be able to explore the present reality of Rome without filters, as told by its residents.


My name is Gian Marco Giacomini, I come from Rome and I’m 24. I am a language enthusiast with a soft spot for literature and cinema. Rome is my living-room  and a costant inspiration in life . I will be covering everything from news reporting to layouts and interviews.

Guillaume Marin, AKA Gully is our french correspondant from Rome. Born in Montpellier, he moved to Rome in 2011. As a proud frenchie, he always has a different perspective to put on the table. He loves having a laugh and has lighthearted character. His role is finding the funny and the weird in the bottomless world of legends and stories about our city. He will be posting new stories every week about a ‘Roman badass’ of his choice.

Last but not least, Paolo Ardia will be our Mr know-it-all. He’s a licensed tour guide and outdoor guide in Rome and the whole Lazio region. He dedicated his life to the history and Arts of the Eternal City. He will take care of the content of each article in this series, revised them in order to make them as accurate as possible.His passion for nature and outdoors activities will make us find out about lots of places you can visit outside of Rome.


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