Covid19 : Italian businesses reopen, crucial news for the tourism sector

Italy finally reopens after a long lockdown announced on March, 10th by first minister Giuseppe Conte. Italian businesses suffered a major blow, as around 90% shut down as well due to national restrictions. Production set at zero, no economic growth but a number of emplyees at the expense of the company. A season of extended welfarism began, every sector of our economy

EcoArt Travel Blog – We spice things up with ‘People of Rome’

ECOART BLOG : INTRODUCTION EcoArt Travel  is an italian licensed tour operator, that since 2010 offers tours of the Vatican City, Rome and its surroundings. We take pride of our amazing team of work, a fantastic mixture between born and bread romans and international travellers. EcoArt is sensitive to environmental issues, through our tours we make an effort to make

The nerd’s guide to discovering Italy through video games

Are video games any useful to discover history? Or are they just what keeps your kid busy after school?  The short answer is yes, discovering antiquity through video games is not only possible, but also amazing. As Dunstan Lowe wrote in his article about antiquity in video games in 2009, 'In the 21st century, antiquity is read, heard, watched and performed. Nowadays

The She-wolf and the Sphynx : why are there so many obelisks in Rome?

Why are there so many obelisks in Rome? An egyptian visiting Rome would probably wonder why Egypt had such a large amount of influence on the Eternal City. Apart from Ancient Greece , no other culture had such an impact on the Roman Empire. Egyptian architectural styles, religious cults and economical systems shaped the Roman Empire into the main classical institutions

Italy : a cinematic journey

Thanks to its wonderful panoramas, its small iconic villages and its culture, Italy has inspired the greatest film directors. Dive into Italy with this movie selection First stop, Venice  : "Casino Royale" Since we cannot travel to Venice for the moment, let's see the beauty of the monuments of one of the most romantic cities in the world! For his first mission, Daniel

Our favourite museums in Rome you can visit from your couch

Visiting Museums under quarantine Life under quarantine can be tough. People working from home can find a huge outlet to kill time, while others cultivate their hobbies : cooking, learning a new language, have some quality family time and such. Everyone's around the world obviously had their springtime travel plan on hold. Art galleries and museums closed worldwide

Coronavirus lockdowns have unexpected Climate benifits

COVID-19 : The Financial distaster World Climate is benifiting from Coronavirus : climate change is having its own benifits .People must stay at home everywhere in the world, factories closed, airport paralyzed. While Coronavirus is provoking a very bad economic crisis is also creating some surprising climate benefits. Indeed, the measures the governments took forced

National lockdown and solidarity : how Italy is coping with Coronavirus

Italians rediscover national unity and regard for the rules amid Lockdown How Coronavirus originated On December 31st last year, China alerted the World Health Organization of numerous cases of pneumonia discovered in the densely populated province of Hubei. Several of those infected were undoubtedly workers at the huge Seafood Market in Wuhan. On January 7th, Chinese

Piazza navona is baroque perfection

The history Piazza Navona is pure baroque perfection. It is certainly among the most famous Piazzas in Rome and one of the most famous in the world. Pope Innocent X Phampilij decided to build a huge square on the site of the former Stadium of Domitian. The Stadium was built in 79 AD and was the main venue for foot-races in Rome. In the 15th century the oval square

Pope Francis defies the Lockdown to pray for an end to the Coronavirus

Is this the Black Plague or the Coronavirus? A peculiar event happened on Sunday afternoon in Rome's deserted streets. Pope Francis walked along the huge artery of Via del Corso, which splits the city center in two. Once noisy and crowded, at this time deserted and surreally quiet. The head of the Catholic Church privately left the Vatican to visit Basilica